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About Me


I am originally from Nashville, TN, and earned my BA in Theatre and English from Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina. I also studied devised theater at the renowned Double Edge Theatre in Ashford, MA. Now you can find me at South Carolina Children's Theatre as their Education Associate. 

But there is more to my story....

          I have always been an avid reader. While I was growing up, I was constantly imagining myself exploring the worlds of books. When I wasn't reading or daydreaming, you could find me making homemade puppet shows or attempting to write a novel in my trusty Lisa Frank notebook. I wanted to create my own stories and build imaginary landscapes for others. When I discovered theatre, I was able to bring my imagination to life and share it with others.


          I can still be found making puppet shows, but more importantly, I find myself deeply engaged with storytelling, specifically with how stories can move and connect others. Genuine connection is vital to my work, which is why discovering my passion for teaching has been pivotal to my artistic journey. Working with students and watching them grow their confidence, kindness, and creativity is the most important connection I can make with my work. I try to bring this into my work as an actor and writer, exploring the inner child of my characters allows me to capture the essence of play that I find so important in my work as an educator.

        In April 2023, I became the Education Associate at SC Children's Theatre. I work collaboratively with our Education Director to develop engaging curriculum and residency programming. I also give Tell Me a Story performances throughout the Upstate in addition to performing them once a month in SCCT’s Prisma Health Lobby. Throughout the year, I teach at SCCT students from ages 3 to 17 in acting classes and camps. In addition, I am contracted at Warehouse Theatre to teach and facilitate residencies across the Upstate as a part of their Wooden O program. For their partnership with The Children's Museum of the Upstate, I developed interactive play following Shakespearian detective, Bic Pentameter.

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