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About Me

          For as long as I can remember, I have been enamored with stories. I read constantly throughout my childhood and adolescence. I disappeared into the worlds my books offered, and I used my imagination to recreate the landscapes just for me. When I wasn't reading, you could find me making homemade puppet shows or attempting to write a novel in my trusty Lisa Frank notebook. I wanted to create my own stories and build imaginary landscapes for others. When I discovered theatre, I was finally able to disappear into the worlds I loved reading about and share them with audiences.

          I can still be found making puppet shows, but more importantly, I find myself deeply engaged with the art of storytelling, specifically with how stories can move others. As an actor, I feel the most fulfilled exploring my characters through movement and trying to get in touch with their inner child. I find that when a character reveals their playfulness, one is able to understand who they are when they are their most vulnerable and what it takes to make them feel safe. I am driven by empathy and I prioritize building relationships with my cast and crew members and my audiences. I want to build connections through my storytelling.  As a playwright, I work to build these connections through my own worlds and characters. My favorite characters to write are problematic heroines that audiences may initially dislike, but eventually come to care for over the course of a play.

          Genuine connection is vital to my work, which is why being a teaching artist has played a huge part in my theatre journey. In April 2023, I became the Education Associate at SC Children's Theatre. In this role, I work collaboratively with the Education Director to develop engaging semester classes and impactful residency programming. I also deliver captivating Tell Me a Story theater performances throughout the Upstate in addition to performing them once a month in SCCT’s Prisma Health Lobby. Throughout the school year and the summer, I teach in house at SCCT with students ages 3-17 in theatre arts based classes. I also am a contracted teaching artist at Warehouse Theatre where I faciliate residencies across the Upstate as a part of their Wooden O program. My goal as a teacher is to build confidence, creativity, and emotional intelligence through application of theatre skills. 

          At my core, I am a storyteller, and I want to nurture connection as an actor, writer, and teaching artist.

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