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Performance Art • Playwriting • Dramaturgy

Performance Art
ONE TRICK PONY by annagram

"ONE TRICK PONY" delves into the complex dynamics of girlhood under the digital gaze. Centered around the character Chastity, portrayed by Anna Bowman, the performance was initially recorded on an empty stage using an iPhone and continues in an unending loop. Chastity remains trapped in a perpetual cycle of uncertainty, never certain whether the audience adores or despises her, much like the relentless quests for validation undertaken by social media influencers.  


Young women who explore identity are looked down upon, and are never able to satisfy the social media voyeurs who would prefer to see them fail, "ONE TRICK PONY" Huff and Bowman used their experiences of girlhood to uncover what it is like to come of age in a digital world.

Made in collaboration with Anna K Huff

*Premiered at Rattlesnake Magazine's Here on Out exhibition in July 2023 at Artistry Workshops & Gallery. On display for Artfields Competition & Festival at The ROB in Lake City, SC from April 26 to May 5.


Feral (or For the Love of God)

A short play featured in Furman Theatre's New Works Festival

When Dean breaks up with Sara to “join the priesthood,” Sara is forced to reconcile with her definition of self, her relationships, and religion. She finds herself drunk at Wednesday night mass in search of the little community and self esteem she has left. Can she finally purify herself of Dean and the sins of her past?


Do You Feel Anger?

by Mara Nelson-Greenberg

         Mara Nelson-Greenberg’s Do You Feel Anger? is a dark comedy set at Cash Flow Accounts, a debt collection agency. We follow Sofia, a corporate empathy coach, as she works with Eva and her coworkers Jon, Howie, and Jordan—some of your stereotypical “good guys”—in an attempt to transform their office into an “empathy engine.” Nelson-Greenberg’s play capitalizes the truth of a world where women are consistently asked to meet men halfway in order to accomplish their goals. Throughout the play Sofia becomes conditioned to prioritize the perceptions of the men in the office instead of her or Eva’s needs, all while Eva keeps getting mugged in the kitchen. Though she starts with utmost concern for Eva’s safety, Sofia eventually has to sacrifice that goal for the sake of gaining the men’s attention and belonging to their group. 

         The world of the play should be familiar to the audience as it is an outrageous echo of the real world and relatable experiences. Sofia is a sympathetic character who gets sucked into the toxic, outlandish world of the office, a world adjacent to our own. Even the most empathic and professional versions of ourselves long to belong to an established group, and we watch Sofia give in to this desire. Nelson-Greenberg’s play invites the audience to question their role in their own spaces, and how one might need to change their worldview for the sake of empathy. 

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