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Performance Art

ONE TRICK PONY by annagram

          "ONE TRICK PONY" delves into the complex dynamics of girlhood under the digital gaze. Centered around the character Chastity, portrayed by Anna Bowman, the performance was initially recorded on an empty stage using an iPhone and continues in an unending loop. Chastity remains trapped in a perpetual cycle of uncertainty, never certain whether the audience adores or despises her, much like the relentless quests for validation undertaken by social media influencers.

           Young women who explore identity are looked down upon, and are never able to satisfy the social media voyeurs who would prefer to see them fail, "ONE TRICK PONY" Huff and Bowman used their experiences of girlhood to uncover what it is like to come of age in a digital world.​Made in collaboration with Anna K Huff

*Premiered at Rattlesnake Magazine's Here on Out exhibition in July 2023 at Artistry Workshops & Gallery and featured at the 2024 Artfields Festival at The ROB in Lake City, SC.

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